Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Weekend of April 9/10, 2022

In the prelude to today’s great Passion Narrative, Saint Paul reminds us that we find our hope in the “emptiness” and “humility” of Christ Jesus; a life that led to the cross, but through the cross, to glory and exaltation. The way is not easy. Good stewards know that it requires a willingness to lay aside all rights of personal privilege; emptying ourselves in the service of others; embracing values different from the values of the world. It requires an understanding that to be “in Christ” means to be a servant because Christ came into the world, not as Lord but as servant. What crosses are we willing to carry? What worldly values we are willing to forego in order to share Christ’s glory?

Stewardship Saint for April: Saint John Baptist de La Salle

St. John Baptist de La Salle is the patron saint of schoolteachers. He was the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and is renowned for his lifelong devotion to educating the poor. John Baptist was born to a wealthy family in Reims, France, in 1651. He was a scholar, studied for the priesthood and was ordained in 1678. He earned a doctorate in theology in1681. Although he lived a comfortable life at the cathedral in Reims, he was drawn to education early on. At the urging of a layman to open a school for poor children in Reims, John Baptist opened two schools that became very popular, even though the prevailing view in France was that children of the poor should only be taught how to perform manual labor, not to be educated. John Baptist continued to discern the will of God in his life. He sold all that he possessed and donated the proceeds for hunger relief. He and a small group of men formed themselves into a religious community by taking a vow of obedience and adopting the name Brothers of the Christian Schools. In 1686, he opened four more schools in Reims as well as a school to train teachers. He would later establish other schools in Paris and Saint-Denis. Although his religious community was not yet approved by the Church, in 1694 John Baptist and twelve of his community members took perpetual vows, committing themselves to providing free education to the poor for the rest of their lives. John Baptist’s educational theories and practices became standard including classroom instruction instead of one-on-one instruction, teaching in the native language instead of in Latin and integrating faith formation into a curriculum. St. John Baptist de LaSalle died on Good Friday, April 7, 1719. He was canonized in 1900 and his feast is celebrated on April 7.

Fifth Sunday of Lent Weekend of April 2/3, 2022

Strong words come from Saint Paul in today’s second reading. He reveals in no uncertain terms that life in Christ is our goal. Everything else, he maintains, is “rubbish.” Junk. Trash. Garbage. Is that true? Is everything else “rubbish” compared to deepening our relationship with the Lord? What about putting recreational activities ahead of attending Mass? Or preferring uninterrupted hours playing the latest video games or watching TV to spending time in a bible study group, choir practice or serving in a soup kitchen? Or keeping late hours at work over sharing the gospel with friends and neighbors? To what extent do we exercise stewardship over our relationship with Christ?

Readings for March 26/27, 2022

Today we hear one of the most beloved stories in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son. Reconciliation is a prominent theme. Seeing the younger son returning to him, the son who left the family and squandered his inheritance, the compassionate father runs to embrace him. Jesus offers us a vision of a loving God who is merciful and forgiving when we, through our own sinfulness, leave his presence, and then through repentance, return to him. The remainder of the Lenten season offers us an opportunity to reflect on God’s compassion and our need for reconciliation. If you have not done so already, consider celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation and experience God’s loving embrace and forgiveness.

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Synod Deadline to participate

I am so thankful to our Church’s Spanish-Speaking community who came yesterday and responded positively to our in-person “Synod”. As I observed, we had a good number of people who came. I am most grateful to our Synod Coordinators: Matthew and Marlyn Delo, Emilia Mota, and Wendy Baez. And of course, to all our Facilitators and our Note-takers who shared their time, talents, and treasures… Kudos!


The next group to do the Synod is for our St. Mary Star of the Sea School. For those of you who plan to join the Synod and prefer to answer the three questions through email, kindly send it to our Parish Website: The deadline for sharing your answers from the questions will be until April 1, 2022.


The three main questions are as follows:

1.) What makes you SAD with the Church?

2.) What makes you HAPPY with the Church? 

3.) What is your HOPE for the Church? Thank you for your honest response.