Proper Etiquette for Mass

1. Try to be early for Mass always. A few minutes spent in before Mass can open your soul to wonderful Graces.
2. When you enter or leave the Church take the Holy Water and sign yourself with the Sign of the Cross.
3. Always genuflect when you enter or leave your seat. This is an Act of Adoration to Almighty God, present in the Tabernacle. So, take time to genuflect reverently, facing the altar and saying “My Lord and my God” as your right knee touches the floor.
4. Don’t talk in the Church unless Absolutely Necessary. Talk only to Jesus- it is Him you have come to visit. Don’t talk as you leave either. Some people may still be praying.
5. Listen to the Sermon. It is a message from God which could bear Fruit for you.
6. Don’t start to leave the Church until the priest has returned to the Sacristy. Stay to thank God for the Graces you received from Him in the Mass.
Finally, St. John Bosco reminded us that every day we take a step closer to Heaven, that every day act should be for the greater glory of God and that every morning we should renew our resolve to work the Salvation of souls.

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of October 1 & 2

From today’s second reading, we are made to realize, like Timothy, that Christ’s call to follow him is meant for us all. Good stewards realize they have everything necessary to live for Christ. “Stir up the fire that is already burning inside you.” Another way to express this thought in the vocabulary of stewardship is: “Use your gifts now! Serve the Lord now! Get involved now! God put the fire inside you but you have to stir up the flame! Let it burn!” Everyone can give witness to Christ’s presence in the world, and most of us can do more than one thing for the Lord. How exactly do you “stir into flame” God’s unique gifts you hold within you?