Twenty Ways to Exercise Good Stewardship of Lent and Easter

Are you looking for ideas to help
you with your Lenten experience?
Don’t worry, you have the end of
February, the month of March and
the beginning of April to be a good
steward of the gift of Lent and the
Easter Triduum.

Here are 20 ideas to
fill the days of Lent and the beginning
of the Easter season.
1. Attempt a more intentional prayer
life – start a habit in the morning and
before bedtime. Also, embrace periods
of silence each day.
2. Read a book on Christian spirituality,
one that will enrich your spiritual
journey. Also consider keeping a
journal during Lent to reflect on your
spiritual highs and lows.
3. Attend a weekday Mass.
4. Pray the rosary.
5. Make a point of experiencing
the sacrament of reconciliation at
the beginning and end of Lent at
6. Give up meat on Fridays but
don’t substitute lobster. Make fasting
something that is truly sacrificial.
7. Resolve to stop engaging in rumors,
gossip, and negative chatter that
devalues others.
8. Begin and end each week with an
e-mail thanking someone for all that
they do.
9. Be sure to say grace at any restaurant
you frequent (don’t dodge making the
Sign of the Cross either).
10. Reconcile with someone you’ve hurt
or aren’t speaking to.
11. Invite someone who’s been away
from the church to attend Mass with you.
12. Make a gift to a charitable cause.
Make it a sacrificial gift, not what’s
“left over.”
13. Thank a bishop, priest or member
of a religious congregation for their
public witness. Invite them out for coffee
or a meal.
14. Visit someone who’s alone.
15. Reflect on the most pressing
challenges confronting our Church and
pray for a Spirit-filled response.
16. Pray the Stations of the Cross.
17. Find out if there is a person
participating in your parish’s
RCIA program and send a note of
18. Discover the ways your diocese is
ministering to the poor and see how you
can help.
19. Attend your parish’s Good Friday
20. Invite someone you know will be
alone to Easter Sunday dinner.