Synod Deadline to participate

I am so thankful to our Church’s Spanish-Speaking community who came yesterday and responded positively to our in-person “Synod”. As I observed, we had a good number of people who came. I am most grateful to our Synod Coordinators: Matthew and Marlyn Delo, Emilia Mota, and Wendy Baez. And of course, to all our Facilitators and our Note-takers who shared their time, talents, and treasures… Kudos!


The next group to do the Synod is for our St. Mary Star of the Sea School. For those of you who plan to join the Synod and prefer to answer the three questions through email, kindly send it to our Parish Website: The deadline for sharing your answers from the questions will be until April 1, 2022.


The three main questions are as follows:

1.) What makes you SAD with the Church?

2.) What makes you HAPPY with the Church? 

3.) What is your HOPE for the Church? Thank you for your honest response.