We are a Stewardship Parish

In scripture, Matthew 25: 14-37 tells us that we have each been given a talent…a gift. We have been entrusted with a gift, and it is up to us to nurture and grow that gift by using and sharing it with others. Much like the first servant, who was given five talents, if we invest our God-given gifts by freely sharing them with our community and helping others in our Parish, we will continue to grow. It was this first servant who, upon investing his talents, received even more as a result of his choice. Much like him, when we use our talents and gifts for the good of others, we will grow in grace and holiness.

At St. Mary’s, we have many ways for you to use your talents and gifts! We believe that growing in holiness extends far beyond weekend Mass, and have many ministries and educational opportunities to help you grow. You are invited to view our active ministries (both for English and Spanish speakers), where you’ll find a wide range of opportunities – from service, social justice, music, and even social events, there is a place for you here at St. Mary’s to grow and invest your talents.

We also invite you to pray with us, season round, our Stewardship Prayers so that we may each be strengthened to nurture and grow the gifts we have been given.