Moms Meet Up

Ministry Description:
If you are a mother of a little one under school age, we have a ministry for you! We invite you to join us in the Star of the Sea Center (515 Pier View Way) twice a month for a relaxing social time, coffee and treats, fellowship and support, and the sharing of resources. Your children will be safe, close by, and having fun while you spend time with other moms just like you. We will have brief presentations on topics that meet our moms’ interests such as child safety, the importance of play, baby care, and developmental milestones. Moms will then “meet up” and have the opportunity to enjoy all that Thursdays have to offer in downtown Oceanside, including the Farmers’ Market, Oceanside Library Story Time, and beach stroller walks.

Our Schedule:
We meet regularly on the 2nd Thursdays of each month from 8:30am-10:30am, and have Moms Night Out, play dates, and day trips throughout the month.

Contact Information:
Ministry Leader: Elizabeth Schwartze
Phone: (760) 415-5697