Inspiration Library

Ministry Description:
St. Mary’s Inspirational Library contains over 100 DVD movies that may make you laugh, cry, feel uplifted, captivated, or encouraged – but all will teach you something about our beautiful faith. In addition, there are many audio CDs from motivating speakers, such as Bishop Fulton Sheen, Matthew Kelly, and many others. We also have music CDs and books for you to check out. Here are just some of the wonderful items we have available to share with you!

Our Schedule:
St. Mary’s Inspirational Library is Open in the Parish Center after all Sunday morning masses. Stop by for some delicious coffee and donuts, and browse our library. The Inspiration Library operates on a free self-check-out “honor system”. Each media item has a checkout card; sign the back of the card, place the card in the blue box, and take your media item home to enjoy. Thank you for returning your item within a reasonable time frame so others may enjoy it, too.

Contact Information:
Ministry Leader: Rita Day
Phone: 760-828-2768