Bereavement / Funeral Ministry

Ministry Description: 
The Funeral Ministry is a ministry of consolation, with words of faith and support, and acts of kindness. The focus of this Ministry is the family and friends of the deceased who assemble on the day of the funeral. The Minister would meet with the family to arrange all the details of the Mass, then on the day of the funeral the Minster would greet the family and guests, support and guide those proclaiming the Word, instruct the gift bearers, and be available throughout the Mass to assist in any way necessary.

This ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your Baptismal call to be of service to one another and to utilize the talents and gifts God has given to each of us. Please give prayerful consideration to becoming part of this Ministry.

Our Schedule:
Varies as needed.

Contact Information:
Ministry Leader: Barbie Matthiesen