Putting Faith into Action In a Time of Social Distancing

PRAY – Spend time with God each day. Read the Bible or a devotional. Meditate. Listen to prayerful music.

PAY ATTENTION – God is with you! Look for God in the care of others and those you care for. See God in the beauty around you.

GROW IN GRATITUDE – Make this a time to be grateful for the blessings of life, faith relationships, gifts, talent and resources.

REACH OUT – Reach out to those who are fragile, alone, or in need. Call or video chat with elderly neighbors. GIVE Give to your parish. Your faith community is sustained through your giving.

CONNECT – Check in with other parishioners. Gather with others by phone or virtually to stay connected even when physically apart.

SHARE FAITH – As you talk with family and friends, share the consolation and hope you have through your faith in Jesus.

KEEP SABBATH – Sabbath is a time of rest and renewal in faith. Make this moment of physical distance a time for Sabbath.


By Leisa Anslinger, associate department director for pastoral life, Archdiocese of Cincinnati