Stewardship: Giving Us a Clear Sight

I recently received an updated eyeglass prescription and ordered new glasses. I was anxious to pick them up when they arrived, as my previous prescription had been inadequate for quite some time. With only a few hours with the new glasses, however, I could tell that something was just not right about them. The reading portion of the bifocal seemed off, which meant that I had to bob my head awkwardly to read a book or see the computer screen.


I returned to the optometry office the following morning, explained that the glasses were just not working. With two brief adjustments, the technician returned the glasses to me, and suddenly, I could see! All the way home, and throughout the following days,

I prayed many prayers of thanksgiving to God, for the gift of corrected sight and the blessing of a skilled technician. We who have committed ourselves to living and growing as good stewards experience these sorts of moments often.

We see the blessings within and around us every day and we grow in gratitude for these many gifts in our lives.

Like my glasses after the technician had adjusted them, stewardship gives us clear sight. We see the world, and our lives, as they really are — gifts from God, entrusted to us to steward well. The technician who fixed my glasses knew just what was needed in order to bring clarity to my vision.

We are called to act as stewardship leaders, “technicians”, who show others what is needed, so that they, too, may see themselves, their faith, gifts, and resources as blessings from God.

Through the things we say, our interactions with people, the sharing of lay witnesses, and the ways we ask our people to make commitments to Christ and to the Church, we point the way to the vision that God desires for all of his people — that we will see God’s grace in our midst, thank God for our many gifts, and give glory to God as we steward


by Leisa Anslinger, author and co-founder of Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC)