My Dear Parish Family,

I’m very happy to be able to greet you once again through this letter.  Last November I shared with you the situation our parish was facing and also the vision I had for the first pastoral year.   The first order of business,  because we were spending more than what we were receiving, was to stabilize the financial situation of the parish.   The second priority was to make some changes in the church to bring it back to its original historical form.

Thanks to the efforts of our staff, the wisdom of our finance council and your generosity, we were able to make our income greater than our expenses.  In the church we were able to return the statues of Our Lady and The Sacred Heart to their original places, to remove the black arch from the sanctuary, and replace the lights and toilets in the church to make everything more efficient.  These are some items that are left to do in the next few months:

  • Finish the reorganization of our staff. This was one of the main suggestions we had from our diocesan audit review and even though this has been very difficult, with God’s help, we will be able to reduce our spending budget for next fiscal year (July 2018 to June 2019) by approximately 25% to 30%.
  • Now that the black arch has been removed, we need to repair and repaint the wall behind the crucifix. Currently it is purple, but I would like to paint it back to its original color.  I believe it’s time to form a committee that may help with the preservation of our church.  If any of you are interested and have an ability or experience in this area, please call the office and provide your contact information.
  • And finally the most important thing for me as your pastor is to create a Family Life and Spirituality office in our parish. This will be what will move the parish life because it includes everyone.  We all come or belong to one family and as your pastor, I wish that not only the ones I see in Mass every Sunday are well but also the ones that I don’t see often.  I wish that your children, grandchildren and everyone in general understand that this is not only your parish but your home and that it will always be open for you so that we may all continue the mission God has intended for us in this world.

I am very grateful to our Lord for the great finance council he has established in our parish.  Generally we are asked to have 4 meetings a year but I think we have had like 20!  With their help and the help of other experts, we are planning the renovation of our parish buildings and this includes our school.  This is a big project and it is planned to be developed in the next 4 years.  We still need to finalize these projects and present them to our Diocese and I hopefully by June or July we can present it to you and hear your opinions.   And in a very special way I would like to thank all of you for all your support.  Sincerely this has been a very difficult mission for me.  I’ve had to ask God for lots of discernment so that I could follow His will and it could be for the good of everyone and one day guide us to eternal life.  Please continue to pray for me because like Popeye’s spinach, it makes me strong.


Sincerely in Christ’s Love,

Fr. G