A few months ago, we shared with you a video from the Diocese.  It highlighted the focus of this year’s Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal with testimony from many of those who benefit from the resources provided by this campaign.

Every parish is assessed a goal and is responsible for that amount whether or not it is contributed by the parishioners.  This means that it comes out of our operating budget if we have a shortfall.

As you can see on the facing page, we have exceeded this year’s goal by a few thousand dollars!   (Our goal was reduced from $30k to $28 this year.)   All monies collected (in one-time gifts and paid pledges) in excess of our assessment are returned to the parish to be used at the pastor’s discretion.

We recently received a notice from the Diocese that our 2017 campaign was about $7,500 short of our assessment.  We will be remitting this amount to the diocese in the near future from our operating budget.

If you have not yet made a pledge to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal, I ask you to prayerfully consider doing your part.  You can use the pledge envelopes found in the church vestibule or the parish office or go online at

Thank you for your generosity to our parish and the greater Church.


CATHOLIC SCHOOLS AND TUITION ASSISTANCE:  With support from the Annual Catholic Appeal, we strive to make Catholic Education both affordable and accessible to every child and family who desires it, regardless of their background, neighborhood, family income or culture.  Tuition Assistance is provided to families who would otherwise not be able to afford sending their children to a Catholic School.

FORMATION IN THE FAITH:  The ACA provides funding for Evangelization and Catechetical Ministries, the Diocesan Institute and Youth Ministries.  These diocesan ministries coordinate training for Directors of Catechetical ministries, Youth Ministry Coordinators, catechists and religious education teachers as well as theological formation for adults.

RETIRED PRIESTS:  Fifty five retired priests of this diocese receive financial support so they can live in dignity, free of anxiety about their means of subsistence.  This support includes providing heath and auto insurance, and nursing care when required as well as supplementing their retirement and pension income when necessary.  Retired priest are also invited to the annual convocation of priests at no charge.

PRISON MINISTRY:  Chaplaincies at 27 different facilities impact the lives of over 25,000 inmates.  These include eight sheriff’s jails, five juvenile detention centers, three state prisons and four federal detention facilities.  Ministry supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal responds to the hunger that many of these inmates have to deepen their relationship with God.

YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY:  Young Adult Ministry reaches out and invites this age group to responsible participation in the full life and mission of the Church.  Faith-filled peer ministries and various social, service and spiritual opportunities strive to connect young adults to Christ and His Church.

SEMINARIAN SUPPORT:  Our Diocese supports over 16 seminarians who are discerning a call to the priestly life and service in the Church.  Tuition and living expenses average around $45,000 per seminarian.  Three new priests were ordained for our diocese this past year.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES:  Following the example of Jesus who “came not to be served but to serve”, Catholic Charities is supported by the ACA in its effort to promote the dignity of the human person and its commitment to the Judeo-Christian version of justice and charity.  The agency assists almost 300,000 people each year through its expansive network of programs and services.