Catholic Widows & Widowers Group of North County

The Catholic Widows & Widowers of North County had active members from 18 San Diego Catholic parishes located in the coastal and inland communities. Now, including St. Mary, Star of the Sea Parish, they have nineteen!

We have been invited to join this wonderful group and are looking forward to supporting this ministry in our parish community. CWWNC is a non-profit social group of friendly Catholic ladies and gentlemen who are trying to fill the void after the loss of a spouse and once again find camaraderie and fun in their lives. They invite widows and widowers interested in meeting new friends while enjoying interesting activities, to join them. Over the past years, hundreds of widowed Catholics have enriched their lives by becoming CWWNC members.

They offer members a variety of social and religious activities. There is a monthly newsletter that includes a busy calendar of 15 to 18 activities. Members choose the events they wish to attend. The monthly general meeting/pot-luck and the Sunday Mass followed by brunch at a local restaurant are the most heavily attended events. Other activities on the calendar include dinners, concerts, dancing, happy hours, golf, bowling, theater, hiking and more.  Parishioner Beth Kapel has agreed to be St. Mary’s point of contact and you may reach her by email at for more information.