A Stewardship Resolution for the New Year: Living with Compassion

January is traditionally the time for new beginnings, fresh starts. For the Christian steward, the grace of being given another day, or God willing, a whole new year, stirs our deep gratitude. But it also calls us to ask what a “resolution” should really be.

Our first resolve should always be to involve ourselves more intimately in the life of Christ, and how better to do that than by embracing Christ’s call to be compassionate?

After all, Jesus himself instructed us, “Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate” (Luke 6:36). Clearly, we strive now to live and give compassionately, as we generally understand the term. We try to be kind, considerate and understanding individuals. We share with others. But Jesus’ words challenge us to embrace a compassion that is much deeper, much more radical than our general understanding.

The word compassion, at its root, means “to suffer with.” This goes beyond merely writing a check, offering a prayer or sending a note.

Suffering is not a popular notion in our society and we strive to avoid it. But now we hear Christ instructing us to “suffer with” the poor, the vulnerable, the powerless, the neglected, the weak.

How can we possibly choose such a journey, this challenge to be truly present to those who suffer?

All things are possible with God, and it is through a commitment to a life of discipline, discipline in action and discipline in prayer, that we move towards the goal of true compassion.

The Christian steward is committed to the Eucharistic life, and it is through this life which Christ offers us that we gain the courage and the will and even the need to follow him in his own example of compassion.

Compassion is the doorway to a more responsive stewardship and a committed discipleship. Through our deepening sense of compassion in 2018, may we resolve to be the kind of Christian stewards who bring Christ’s presence to a suffering world.

In our own parish, we have the FEED MY PEOPLE MINISTRY.  This ministry was  started when two parishioners saw a need to feed the homeless. A Catholic Church should always be able to feed the people who come to our door daily, weekly, monthly. They also saw a need within our own community of families.  We have succeeded in feeding the homeless on a daily basis and providing monthly grocery bags for any family in need.  Your generous donations of groceries and/or time have made this a viable ministry.

A number of years ago, we began sponsoring receptions for the RCIA and Confirmation students.  We also coordinated the Thanksgiving Day meal and Fr. G’s installation reception and participated in Fr. Mike’s farewell.

We came to the realization that FOOD is a great catalyst for making community. It brings everyone to the same table.   Breaking Bread together is what we do each week as a community when we gather to celebrate the Mass.

We need your help to keep these wonderful programs going.  We need your help to grow the ministry into whatever God is calling us to do.  Can you join our efforts?  Can you see yourself in any of these events?  Do you see where your gifts can be used? Where they are needed? You don’t have to take it all on. We are just asking you to take a piece of it. Bring your fresh ideas to the program.

We need volunteers in all areas. – making sandwiches, handing them out Mondays and Tuesdays, setting up the PC for the school students who bag the family grocery bags, become part of the planning team for any of the receptions we sponsor.  The list goes on and on – shopping for reception staples, making signs, stickers, filling goodie bags, etc. You choose how much you want to be involved. How big a commitment you can or want to make.  We know together, we can answer God’s call: “Simon son of John, do you love me? Feed my sheep.”  (Jn. 21:17)

email: feedmypeople@stmarystars.org  or call Kim at 760.271.8759