We Are All Part of Our Parish History

Wow!  I had an interesting week.  Sometimes life runs in themes.  Two weekends ago I was inundated (in a GOOD way) with family.  This past week was all about history and its significance in the present.

Next month, on October 22nd, Bishop Robert McElroy will visit our parish to officially install Father Gerardo as our new pastor.

In planning for the event, the Diocese provided me with several choices of dates.   October 22nd jumped off the page at me because that is the date we celebrate our parish anniversary!    And this year, it is ninety years to the date that Most Rev. John J. Cantwell, Bishop of Los Angeles and San Diego, came  to dedicate our new church building.! (San Diego wasn’t a diocese until 1937.)  Is that cool or what?

Then I looked up Father Gerardo’s ordination date.  On Saturday of that weekend (October 21st), he will celebrate the 26th anniversary of his ordination!  What a special weekend for our pastor!

So, because we are planning something a little special for  the event, we visited the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and looked at historical photos of our church and school.

It was very inspiring to see pictures and read newspaper articles that documented how important we are to the City of Oceanside.    I truly believe that we are still very important and have a presence and an impact on the faithful of the City.

Alarmingly absent from the inventory are pictures of our parish school which opened in September 1951.

If anyone has ANY historic photos from earlier years that include the church or our school, please share them with me.  I will in turn share them with the Oceanside Historical Society for all to appreciate.

Later last order zolpidem online week I visited a long time parishioner, Vera Macias who was celebrating her birthday.  I couldn’t let the day pass without letting her know that the parish still remembers her and prays for her.  She was such a vital part of our parish life for so many years.   She is finely woven into the fabric of what makes St. Mary’s a unique and special place.

We all contribute to the special nature of our parish community.   We are all part of the Living History of St. Mary Star of the Sea.  How do YOU want to be remembered?


I would like to share a human interest story this weekend because it has to do with Hurricane Irma.    As you know, Jens and Karen (my son and daughter-in-law) arrived in Norfolk, VA on Thursday, Sept. 7.  They moved into their new apartment on Friday, Sept. 8.   They only moved with them the items that would fit in their car.  They purchased an inflatable mattress upon arrival in the new city.  OK.  Let’s review:  clothes, toiletries, a TV, and an inflatable mattress.

Karen’s dad is a Marine and their family had relocated to Miami just two months ago.  Oh no!  When told to evacuate, they came up to Virginia to stay with their daughter and son-in-law in an empty apartment!

The scene that I imagine makes me want to cry—in a good way.  I can see them—in the face of adversity—having a blast.  They probably are sitting on mattresses playing board games or watching movies.  Karen and her mom are shopping for furniture and domestic items.   They are making family memories that will last a lifetime!    Thank you, God,  for the Silver Lining!