By the time you read this, my son will have completed nine months of schooling for his Navy rating.   Last weekend, he flew home to San Diego to reunite with his wife and then his family.  On Labor Day, he started the drive across the country to his first station aboard the destroyer USS Arleigh Burke at Norfolk, VA.

I spent Labor Day weekend (well, 6 days total) immerged in family.   They allowed me to be MOM.  I baked cookies, cooked dinners, changed sheets, and couldn’t have been happier.    (Many of you understand exactly what I’m talking about.)

My daughter, son-in-law and new grandchild spent quite a bit of time with us as well.  They even allowed me to babysit my grandson while “the kids” went out for dinner. (I just can’t get enough of little Neal Finnegan!)

My extended family (my sister, niece and her boyfriend) flew down from Santa Rosa and my other two nieces drove down from Los Angeles.

I am a Serious Introvert, so I was drained by the commotion AND at the same time I was being energized because my “babies” were home with me.

Families are a funny thing.  No matter how great your family might be, every family is dysfunctional to some extent.    My family all loves, respects, and even likes each other, but there is always going to be family dynamics going on.  Am I right?

This is much like the Family of Man, your Neighborhood Family,  or your Faith Community Family.

Every person in the familial group is a unique individual with gifts, talents, strengths, and weaknesses to bring to the table.

God purposely created every one of us differently.  It’s hard to believe that there are so many combinations, and yet I see it every day.

Our Stewardship theme is:

  • Getting to Know Each Other
  • Getting to Know Ourselves
  • Getting to Know the Lord

There is no time like the present to take that challenge seriously.  It doesn’t happen automatically.  You have to create the situations or environments in your life that are conducive to the growth opportunities.

Take a few minutes after morning Mass and walk down to the Parish Center for coffee and a donut.  Say hello to someone you haven’t met before.

Volunteer to make sandwiches for the homeless and chat over the task at hand.

Read books that provide spiritual reflection or sign up for a retreat.  The Abbey and the Mission have on-going opportunities.

Spend an hour a week in Eucharistic Adoration and get to know the Lord in an intimate way.

Make it happen.  You’re the only one who can!