I’d like you to meet Neal Finnegan McGrane.  He was delivered on Sunday night to my daughter Rachel, her husband Colin, loving grandparents and lots of excited extended family.  Little Neal is the first child of this generation in our family.

Rachel and Colin had a very specific birth plan.  But Neal did not arrive according to plan.  They had all their prenatal appointments with a midwifery in Orange County and planned a very natural and organic birth experience.   Things didn’t go as intended.  After 30 hours of “excruciating back labor”, Rachel asked to forego her original plan and have labor induced.  Eventually, the baby was delivered by caesarean section.

Through it all, they kept an attitude of gratitude, accepting that it is all God’s plan.  Not theirs.  They confidently knew that they had done everything in their power to make it happen.  The midwifery did everything in their power as well.

Several days later, I expressed to my daughter that she was lucky to have several days in the hospital to rest, get pampered, get used to new parenthood, get advice, etc.  She couldn’t have agreed more.

It is my experience that when you humbly let go and accept God’s will, you are rewarded.

EVERY DAY I am reminded that God wants nothing but the best for us.  AND…He knows exactly what we need.    Our only job is to gratefully accept His guidance and do the best we can with all the gifts He has given us.

This has truly been a blessing for my family and I thank you for keeping my family in your prayers.  And…you can call me Nana B.



Last week, I shared with you a Mid-year Reassessment.   We all tend to make some kind of resolution or commitment at the beginning of the year and then get less focused over time.  It’s human nature.

Can you believe that summer is about half over?  I heard today that one local school is starting on August 14!  Yikes!

School children are asked every year to reaffirm their commitment to education.   They are asked to come back to school ready to hit the ground running.  What I like best is that they must be ready not only to recommit, but to knuckle down and be ready to tackle an even more challenging year than the last.

That is how we grow.  In education, in maturity, in our faith life.  We must recommit on a regular basis and then challenge ourselves to tackle even more.

So, whether you are getting youngsters ready to start a new school year, you’re not yet at the place in your life, or you’re past all that, I challenge you to think about what you can do to recommit yourself for this next phase of the year.  I will close as I do so often:  Ask God for His guidance.  Follow it.