Who’s In Control?

If you have been a long-time reader of Barbie’s Corner, you are probably aware that I periodically share some personal stories of my family (either current or from my childhood).

In the last two years, my daughter (Rachel) got married, received a Master’s Degree, and is currently expecting my first grandchild any day now—probably by the time you are reading this!

My son (Jens) just celebrated his first wedding anniversary in May and will be graduating from extensive schooling to be a Communications Expert (Radio-Man) in the Navy and will be receiving his first assignment this summer.

We all have plans for ourselves and plans for those we love.  And plans for those we don’t like much at all, but of course it’s not nice to talk about those out loud!

But the most important plans of all are the ones that God has for his children.  He knows us more intimately than we know ourselves.  He knows what we need most in our lives.  Sometimes what we need is a hard-learned lesson before we can move on to the good stuff.

Both my children found just the right person with whom to share their lives.  Each of them had less than ideal relationships prior to meeting the person they eventually married.  I remember sitting with my heartbroken child and explaining that it was a good thing to have been given the opportunity to learn what doesn’t work for them.  Both of them took that negative experience with them and were able to better choose the right life partner.

My point is that God has our best interest in mind at all times.  We need to trust and accept the direction in which we are being gently guided.  We do have free will, of course, and are completely free to disregard the nudging and make a different choice altogether.  Show Of Hands…  Who has ever done that?  Me too.  How did it work out for you?  Yeah, me too.

Every day we are challenged by God to Step Up to the Plate, take the bat in hand, and hit it out of the park.  Show of Hands… Do you take the challenge?  Are you too busy right now?  Does it seem a little too difficult or inconvenient?  You’re correct.  It ismost certainly inconvenient, difficult, and might not even make sense to you.

I have a framed card in my office that says “Trust me, Barbie, I have everything under control.  – God.”

 I try to remind myself every day that He has everything under control and all I need to do is DO HIS WORK.  The rest will work out.  Now, of course, He expects me to use all the gifts and talents He bestowed upon me, to use the education I have gathered along the way, and to do the VERY best I can.  Because, after all, it is HIS work and I represent Him.  (We all do!)

So, what is God calling you to do?  I want to suggest that He might be asking you to get more involved with your parish.  Maybe at this point that just means coming to Mass more often.  Or perhaps it means sharing more of your financial gifts with the parish.  Possibly it means getting involved in a liturgical or service ministry.  I believe that this is a conversation you need to have with God.  If you ask Him directly, He will guide you.  Be ready to hear His response.  It might not be what you were expecting!