Happy Mothers Day

For Mothers’ Day, I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote for my mom on Mothers’ Day 1988.   I had a four-year old daughter and a two-year old son and I had the revelation that I understood my mother so much more now that I was a mother myself.

A few weeks ago I wrote about setting a good example because people are watching.  Most importantly, your children are watching.  And whether they are two, or twenty, or forty…trust me, they are watching and listening.

I tried very consciously to be a good parent.  I know I did a lot of things “right” and I know I failed at others.

But I can tell you that, with my children finally having “grown up” (thirty-one and thirty-two), I often hear my words come back to me.  The advice that I gave them or the example I gave sat dormant for awhile, but never left them. Now, as mature adults, they can draw on the prior exposure.

We all try to do something special for our moms on Mothers’ Day.  I challenge you to do something special more often.  A call, a hug, a card, a prayer.  If you are still generic viagra 100 lucky enough that your mom is still living, cherish every moment you have with her.  Your children will see your example and it will come back to bless you as well.


Gentle memories of you

            fill my thoughts and my heart.

I remember

            warm vanilla pudding, homemade pies,

            and recipes being passed on from generations gone by.

I remember

            coming home from school, bursting with urgent news

            …and always finding you there, ready to listen.

I remember

            learning to sew and to cook

            from a patient master.

I remember

            summer mornings

            with fresh-cut peaches for breakfast.


By your example

I learned

            right from wrong

            and values to last a lifetime.

I learned

            how to be a real lady

            and at the same time how to take care of myself.

I learned

            that it’s okay to be an individual

            – not always part of the crowd.

I learned


            that I could achieve whatever I desired in life.

I remember

            loving you very much.


I was my mother’s child, but now I’m my child’s mother

And I love you in ways I never could before.