Stewardship of Treasure

It has been four years since our parish community began to embrace Stewardship as a Way of Life.

During that time, we formed a Greeter Ministry and have become more welcoming and inviting to our existing community, new parishioners, and visitors.

We came to embrace the idea of being a Shared Parish and have come to know and appreciate the members of our parish who worship and minister in another language.

We began to see even more beyond ourselves and became more involved in ministry and outreach.

We formed a Stewardship Team whose mission is to help each other on their Faith Journey.

Our team has facilitated the distribution of devotionals and books, including three popular Matthew Kelly books.

They also created the annual Covenant with God, a popular tool to assess your level of personal spiritual growth.

Our parish has grown.   In the last 14 months, I personally met with 69 new families who had chosen to become an official part of our parish by completing the registration process.   They saw something good in our parish community and wanted to become a part of it.

Recently, all registered parishioners received a mailing that addressed Stewardship of Treasure.  I respectfully ask that you take some time to read the publication carefully and prayerfully discern God’s intention for you.

Enclosed with the brochure was a pledge card for the diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal.  This appeal supports the programs and services offered by the Diocese to the Catholics in San Diego & Imperial Counties.  Our 2017 assessment is $30,000.  Our parish is responsible for that amount, whether or not it comes from the parishioners.   Please consider helping our parish reach this goal.

If you remember the video we showed at Mass last September on Covenant Sunday, we mentioned that we wanted to improve communications.  We are ready to do just that!  We are starting a database of parishioners who want to be in touch via email to view reminders of events, notification of funerals, and special services.   Please complete the “Let’s Communicate” card so we can include you as well!

[If you wish to view the video again, it can be found on our web site.]

And lastly, I ask you to discern your financial commitment to the parish.   Your generosity is our only funding.  We rely on you for our operations and our special projects that allow us to maintain our historic church and campus and provide outreach and other special services.

Stewardship is a trinity.

As Grateful Disciples,

our response is to give of our Time,

our Talents & our Treasure.