When we tithe joyfully (with gratitude for all we have), we acknowledge that we will always have everything we need, then our tithe brings back a multiplied returns. The rule of thumb is a 10 fold return. It is important to not ‘expect’ a return – in other words don’t sit there and wonder where your return is. You simply tithe and know that sometime, somewhere…your tithe will be returned back to you.

Tithing from a place of ‘knowing’ that all your needs will be met, releases you from the place of ‘expecting’ or ‘needing’ a return. If you have unlimited resources, would you spend your time looking for a return? Probably not. If you can tithe from a place of feeling like you had unlimited resources, and are grateful that you can share – your tithe will be returned to you.

Here’s one’s testimonial on how they took steps towards easier tithing:


If tithing is new to you, it may take some time to get used to simply giving money back to where you are spiritually fed. This is not the case for everyone, but it has been a huge step for me. I was completely new (and initially suspicious) to the concept of tithing. Giving money away, when I could barely make ends meet, did not make sense to me.

At first. I needed to gently release money. I had to learn to let go. Yes, I had to learn to give. I started by giving whatever I ‘felt’ I could give, back to my spiritual center. I understood, at the time, that in order to keep the center going, we all needed to pitch in and help pay the bills. It cost money to rent the hall. Our spiritual director was giving of her time and energy.

She deserved to receive an income. These were reasons I gave myself for tithing, in the beginning.  It was hard to give when I believed I did not have enough. So called ‘logic’ and conditioning said I was insane to do such a thing. After awhile, instead of just giving whatever I ‘felt’, I chose to be more conscious of where I spend my money. To start small, I chose to consciously give 1% of my gross income, then 3%. Sometimes, depending upon the amount I receive that week, I am able to give 10%.

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