Tithing is the spiritual practice of graciously giving 10% to where we are spiritually fed. Its purpose is to create an awareness of Spirit as our One Source, and demonstrates our understanding of abundance. If this is a new concept to you or if you are struggling financially at the moment, this may trigger a lot of trepidation. Rather than face those fears and deal with them, it is common to just reject the idea of tithing as ‘stupid’ or ‘unreasonable’.

Be aware if these thoughts occur to you. Many successful, spiritually-grounded people use this practice as a way to continue the flow of abundance in their lives. While it is true, there are people who are financially successful who do not tithe – time and again, tithing creates a flow and sense of security in our lives that cannot be ignored.

Here are some ideas to help ease you into the spiritual practice of tithing.

When you operate out of abundance, you are recognizing that the universe is unlimited in its supply of anything, and everything you want (or desire) is ready and willing to be provided to you.

There is no lack in our world. The only place that lack or poverty exists in, is in your mind. The Universe lacks nothing. Everything is available in a never-ending, inexhaustible supply. This includes money and riches.

One of the most powerful ways to show the Universe that you are abundant, is by tithing. Tithing allows the energy of money to continuing flowing, and it helps release resistance around the feeling of ‘not having enough’ money. You can’t be a ‘taker’, if you are a giver. Our Universe is designed around the concept of contribution and giving.

As you GIVE so shall you RECEIVE. You must become a giver. Most of the richest and ultra-successful people (throughout all time) have been big givers. It’s the whole idea of sowing and reaping. And in many cases, it’s not just a matter of tithing, but also a matter of relaying knowledge – namely, financial knowledge. Searching online for wesite information oriented around church charity, debt and credit   matters – like negotiating with debt collectors—can show you how to minimize your debt and maximize your wealth. Go online to learn more.

Ultimately, giving is the cornerstone of any good plan for success and wealth. Just as with giving, many of the richest most successful people throughout time have understood the power of tithing

Many are of the personally belief that tithing is the single greatest secret to success & personal fortune, one will ever uncover!

A tithe is simply the first 10% of all your income, given to the source of your spiritual support or instruction. Tithing is not a charity and it’s not about giving to a good cause – that’s giving. Tithing should go to the source of your spiritual support. This is a very important distinction to make. Your tithe belongs to the true source of all abundance – the Universe. Where ever you receive spiritual enlightenment is where you should tithe.

Many people were taught that we must tithe to our church, and that we must tithe 10% of our income. However, many disagree with that. Not everyone who goes to church receives spiritual enlightenment from the church, and not everyone goes to church. Many also do not agree with the 10% rule – unless you can afford it. Tithing any amount shows the Universe that you are abundant, and will It will respond by giving you more abundance. ..10% or more, can be applied at a later date.