Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve published several articles recently about Hospitality.   Most of them address Greeting others at Mass, offering a place for people to gather to get to know each other, etc.

Fr. Mike recently received a letter from “Roland F.”. Roland lives on the East Coast. His letter begins…

Dear Father Mike,

I had the recent opportunity to visit St. Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church while briefly visiting in the Oceanside, CA area.

I had some time to pass while visiting and walked past your church at about 1 p.m. a few weeks ago. There were a few folks standing outside on the top step, and one of them was about to lock the door. When I asked if I could just stop in for a few minutes to “visit with Our Lord”, there was a pause. At any rate, after about thirty seconds, they all said “sure”, and I was allowed to enter. One of the gentlemen smiled and asked that I lock the door on the way out.

I was able to spend about 45 minutes in quite adoration before the Lord, along with praying the Holy Rosary.

I was very grateful for this kind opportunity—to have the privilege to spend a few moments in your Beautiful Church! It provided such a wonderful sanctuary for me that day.

And so, my prayers are with you, and for your beautiful church and parish. May the Risen Lord be with all of you always.             —Roland F.


It was a small act of kindness to allow a stranger to enter our church. But it provided him a significant opportunity to refresh his soul and visit with Our Lord.


I received a letter recently from a former parishioner. Here is her story:

To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, my name is Dania Haros. I used to attend St. Mary’s…like 15 years ago. I did my Confirmation and 15añera there. Plus, I used to be in the Youth Group. Even though I haven’t been physically part of the church, I still feel I belong there.

Well, I’m currently incarcerated but I got a good job in here which the Lord blessed me with. So, I would like to start sending a monthly tithe. Give back a little of the blessings the Lord has given me in here and in life. Thank you.

I was so moved by this letter from Dania. Whatever happened in her life for her to end up incarcerated, she hasn’t given up on God. That is so powerful. I would like to suggest that you could send her a card to let her know that you’re praying for her. Let her feel the power for love and prayer. If you feel moved to making a difference in her life, her address is:

Dania Haros #WE0974

C.C.W.F. 512.11.4 up

P.O. Box 1508

Chowchilla, CA 93610