Stewardship of Relationships

Last Sunday was Father’s Day, as you obviously know. My Daddy met his Heavenly Father almost 13 years ago and the father of my children no longer lives in the area. So what did I do instead? I hosted a big family reunion!

My maternal grandmother bore eight children with only four living to adulthood. Of those four, only two had children; my mom and my Aunt Janet. The Jamison family consists of 7 first cousins, 20 second cousins (the children of the first cousins) and 11 third cousins (the children of the second cousins).

During my childhood, my cousins came to Oceanside every Thanksgiving and we drove to Los Angeles every Christmas. After ”the kids grew up”, my mom would host a get-together every few years at her home in Oceanside. It was always very well attended. The last time we were all together (eight years ago) it was hosted by my mom but held at my home because mom was frail by then.

Most of our family still lives either locally or in the Los Angeles area, but one flew down from Olympia, Washington and another came in from Wisconsin.

I talked to many people when I was planning this gathering, and several of them remarked that they wish their family was that close.   One friend said, sadly, that he didn’t think any of his cousins would drive across town to get together, much less come across the country. It made me realize how lucky I am to have a family that is so connected even when we don’t see each other for awhile.

Okay, Barbie, that’s nice. But what’s your point? How is this about living Stewardship in your everyday life?

Well, I always tell people that Stewardship is consciously recognizing that all that we are and all that we have is a Gift of God.

How can you deny that God gave me a beautiful family who truly are wonderful faith-filled human beings who care about each other.   God blessed our family so richly.

Every point of connection is a chance to share the unique gifts that God has given you.   Even though many of my cousins and family are no longer practicing Catholics, we were all raised in a very traditional Catholic environment. Several of them admitted that they are still Catholics in their heart and that the ideals of the Catholic faith still shapes their thoughts and actions.

You never know when and how the Holy Spirit will choose to work through you.   Put yourself in situations to connect with others and get out of God’s way—He has a plan for you and for the people you encounter!