Happiest Place on Earth?

No, I’m not inviting you to go to Disneyland… Actually, that might make a fun parish adventure… Hmm… OK, sorry. All kidding aside…

I’m talking about our parish (with a little bit of poetic license). We have some really great things happening right here at St. Mary’s!

Two weeks ago, we hosted a concert featuring Renée Bondi. She is a quadriplegic (following a bizarre accident 27 years ago) who trusted in the Lord and He proved to be faithful! He gave her a life she never anticipated and she has been richly blessed. She shared her testimony, told with tongue in cheek and some comic relief, with close to 100 of our parishioners and friends from other communities. And with the voice of an angel, she shared God’s message of Mercy and Forgiveness with a moving meditation. She had us in the palm of her hand.

While the event was arranged and hosted by the Stewardship Team, the cookies and lemonade were hosted by our ladies of the Altar Society. There was even an impromptu set-up team from a prior event. I am seeing more and more cooperation and coming together of our various groups in the parish. This is what we’re about as a parish—a faith community, a faith family. I am very grateful to all who helped with this special event.

Just two days after the concert, our parish hosted a Lenten Penance Service to share God’s Mercy during this holy season. Many people came together to arrange the service and to host an evening meal and fellowship for eight priests prior to the liturgy. Our priests lead such intense lives within their own parishes that they look forward to opportunities to get together as friends. Thank you to all who helped with the process.

(If you were unable to make it to our service, be sure to refer to the Reconciliation Services available in other parishes during the season of Lent. )

This past weekend, our parish was bustling! Our Altar Society held a two-day Rummage Sale in the Star of the Sea Center that was successful because of our parishioners

who donated items for sale and/or came to purchase lots of goodies.

And on Sunday, we were treated to a Gran Kermess after Mass. Who can turn down a fresh carne asada taco and an agua fresca? And the music…so lively and happy. Even a short visit makes for a good time.

The common theme here is that it is through cooperation and team-work that good things are happening at our parish. We need to continue to support each other’s events and ministries as much as possible. You can already see the results just by looking around you.

Through your on-going generosity, we have enough funds in our designated Major Maintenance account to accomplish some much-needed projects. We have just replaced the fascia, many of the exterior rafters, and the rain gutters on the Juan Diego/Guadalupe building. The frame around the garage door will complete the project.

And the best news of all… We are having the Star of the Sea Center sewer replaced from the drinking fountain to the property line. This will permanently fix our plumbing issues! YEAH! The building will still be used during the project; we will have porta-potties for your use. Thank you for your continued support!