Financial Stewardship

Last week, I published a copy of our annual report. It included an End-of-Fiscal-Year (7/1/14-6/30/15) Profit & Loss report of actual income and expenses and the Budget for this current Fiscal Year (7/1/15-6/30/16). Additional copies are available on the pamphlet rack in the vestibule if you forgot to pick up a bulletin last week.

As you could see, it is a very close budget. The Finance Council was very conservative when working on it, both in the anticipated income and the expenses.

In a perfect world, our weekly offering (Plate, Envelope & On-Line Giving) would cover our Ordinary Expenses. We fall short by about $1,800 per week. This is currently made up in part by the monthly Parish Advancement collection. Even with that added in, we are $750 short/week.

I understand (intellectually and personally) that it is difficult to give more than you are currently budgeted to give. But if you came to God and said you had a special request, would you expect Him to say that he had only budgeted to help you twice this year and this would now make three times you’d asked for help?

The God in whom we place our hope and trust is loving, merciful, and above all, generous. Giving to your parish helps support the mission of the church and ultimately better prepare you for your eternal life

So, back to the budget. Of course, our biggest expense is the cost of employees. We have six full time and six part time staff. We also pay professional musicians at most of our liturgies. All benefits are dictated by the Diocese.

The next largest expense category is the Diocesan tax. This is 13-1/2% of our prior year’s income that is paid to the Diocese on a monthly basis to help with their operating expenses. We do not get to choose whether or not to pay or how much. To clarify, the monthly Diocesan tax that is collected from all parishes helps cover the cost of the Diocesan operating budget. The Annual Catholic Appeal is used for program costs.

Our Religious Education programs are reflected on the last two lines of the budget because they are “Extraordinary Income”. The budget for Religious Education personnel is reflected in Salaries, but the program costs (books, materials, retreat days) is paid through donations and tuition

But it’s not all about money. The Religious Ed program would gladly accept help with sewing Angel costumes for the Christmas play. Also needed is a team willing to help set up for CCD on Sunday mornings and special occasions. We’re also looking for a techie to help with Power Points, sound, and videos a few times a year.

As in years past, I would like to invite you to sponsor (in all or in part) the cost of Ministry and Program supplies for Mass (missalettes, wine, hosts). Last year we spent $2,120 for altar wine, $2,200 for hosts, and $2,865 to have missalettes and music hymnals in the pews. We don’t anticipate an increase.

Additionally, we would welcome any donations to the Music Ministry. Besides the cost of musicians, we also periodically need to purchase new equipment, music licenses, or music for special occasions.

Stewardship operates solely on Restricted Donations rather than as a budget item. We most recently are funding seven parishioners to attend the International Catholic Stewardship Conference to better serve the parish. We also provide parish-wide distribution of books and other materials that will help on your Faith Journey.

This is your parish and it is your responsibility to help it thrive. Please take this to prayer.