I want to publicly thank those who shared their personal stories last week with their fellow parishioners. The testimony was moving and inspiring. They have each been touched by the Holy Spirit and Stewardship as a Way of Life. The same is there for each and every one of you. If you have not already heard the Call, make your prayers more intentional and be open to the fluttering of the Spirit. It may come as no more than a whisper. Be alert.

Today, as you enter into a renewed Covenant with God, please take home the reminder card. On one side is the Covenant Prayer. Try to make it a daily prayer. It only takes a few minutes and will remind you of your personal commitment to create a deeper relationship with Lord.

Heavenly Father,
You have formed me to be all that I am
and given me all the I have.
I thank you for your gift of creation
and ask for your guidance
in honoring this gift.

My Lord Jesus Christ,
Help me remember the promises
I made in my Covenant with you
and not be afraid to live my faith proudly, being an example to those I encounter.

Holy Spirit,
guide me through my days and
inspire me to always try a little harder
and reach a little further,
ever moving forward on my Faith Journey,
one step at a time.

I have mentioned before that we have a vibrant Stewardship Team who is continually thinking and planning how best to serve you on your faith journey.

I would like to name and thank the members of the Team: Dick Bartlett, Marlyn & Matt Delo, Berlinda Gonzales, Silvia Jedynak, Yolanda Jessup, Marycarmen Jimenez, Macaria Lagunas, Barbie Matthiesen, Bob & Kim Mikulka, Amy Nelson, Elena Ortiz, Margarita Perez, and Julie Taylor.

Seven members of the Team will be attending the 2015 Conference of the International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) in Chicago in October.

Like anyone who wants to get better at what they do, continuing education is a must. This conference is beyond compare. I have personally attended it three times and come away with so many resources and tools to be used for the benefit of the parish. Although it is a conference full of speakers, vendors and workshops, it is a time of personal renewal that is unbelievably inspiring. How can you not be inspired when spending three days with thousands of people who are filled with the Spirit to the point of bursting?
This is a small sampling of the topics from which we can choose:

• Developing Leadership in Our Youth
• Stewardship and Evangelization: Two Sides of the Same Coin
• Best Practices for Successful Grant Writing
• Stewardship of Our Elders
• The Ministry of Parish Management
• Stewardship Success on a Budget
• Parish Strategic Planning
• Theology and Spirituality of Stewardship
• Engaging Parishioners With a Parish Covenant
• Best Practices for Working with Consultants
• Calling Forth Gifts of Time and Talent
• Stewardship and the Family
• Separate Parishes Moving Forward as One
• Numerous how-to workshops in Spanish
• How does stewardship equip us to go forth in the world to proclaim and live the joy of the Gospel?
• And many, many more!

I believe it is critical to the growth of our parish to have a Team of parishioners who are best equipped to live the role of Stewardship Disciples and Leaders. This conference is a valuable opportunity that only comes around once a year. Please consider sponsoring a member of the team (in any amount) to attend the conference. (Be sure to mark the envelope or check with the memo “Stewardship”.)

God bless you!