Feeding Our People

With today’s two accounts of feeding miracles and the psalm response about the Lord’s hand feeding us, it is easy to gloss over the marvelous hymn in Ephesians. It is built around the most potent biblical numbers: one, three, and seven. The core of it is the word “one” expressed seven times. Three of these describe the church: one body, one Spirit, one hope; the next three are the foundations of the church: one Lord [Jesus], one faith, one baptism. All of these are bound up together in the one Father of all.

While we might feel daunted by the prospect of duplicating the wonders worked by Elisha and Jesus in the feeding of multitudes, Ephesians gives us a more realistic way to live and “feed” others as the church: by living in humility and gentleness, by acting with patience, bearing with each other in love, and always seeking and striving to preserve unity through peace.

Who among us cannot increase the way we “feed” the church and the world by living this way? We are always called upon to “feed” the world in the literal sense; but our mission as church tells us that others are also fed by the way we live and act each moment of each day.

So, are you doing what it takes to “feed” others around you? Are you taking time with someone when it’s easier to be impatient? Is there someone in your life (or with whom you have casual contact) that causes you to step back and take a moment before reacting? Do you know someone who is elderly, hard of hearing, slow on their feet who—literally—needs you to slow down and be patient with them?

Every year when my birthday nears (still a few months off), I start looking at myself. Am I a better person than I was a year ago? What can I do to improve who I am? I used to look at what I had accomplished and what I wanted to do/accomplish for the coming year. I finally had an epiphany and realized that if I was could become who I wanted myself to be, I would be able to accomplish great things. It’s been quite a work in progress, and there’s a lot of road ahead of me.

The point I am trying to make is that we can always improve ourselves and thinking about how we can “feed the church” will always lead to us to being a better version of ourselves.

But besides the figurative feeding of our church, I want to remind you that the church is in need of being fed literally as well. Through the efforts of some very good and faithful stewards, our parish has a new ministry that cares for those in need in our parish. It is called “FEED MY PEOPLE Pantry Ministry”. With so many generous parishioners participating in this ministry, we are able to provide daily sack lunches for over 20 of our neighbors who might not have a nice meal any other time of the day. We also provide a periodic (about every 3 weeks) grocery distribution to about two dozen families. And we work alongside our St. Vincent de Paul Society who makes home visits to families in need.

We find ourselves most in need of $25 gift cards to any grocery store, loaves of bread, tortillas, bags of apples or cuties, and reusable grocery bags.

You can find grocery bags in the vestibule with a printed list attached. Please be sure to refer to the list, as it changes periodically. There is a drop-off container in the vestibule, or you can bring donations to the office Monday through Friday from 10-5.

Volunteers are also needed. Depending on the task you are given, you may be asked to complete a Food Handlers Certification.

Without your participation, this ministry would not be able to continue its good works with God’s hungry people. Thank you for your generosity.